Set 8 Fuel Injector Injection Valve 079906036AC OEM Audi RS7 2014-17


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Description: Set 8 Fuel Injector Injection Valve 079906036ac Oem Audi Rs7 2014-17
Model: 17 AUDI RS7
VIN of Donor Vehicle: WUAWRAFC9HN900467
Mileage: 60585
Stock Number: 240402
ID No: 0000260351
Location: INV W (1)

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AUDI A8 11 Fuel Injector, (4.2L)

AUDI A8 12-13 Fuel Injector, 4.2L

AUDI A8 14 Fuel Injector, 4.0L, engine ID CGTA

AUDI A8 15-16 Fuel Injector, 4.0L

AUDI A8 17-18 (fuel Injector), 4.0L

AUDI RS5 13-15 Fuel Injector, (4.2L)

AUDI S6 13-17 Fuel Injector, (4.0L)

AUDI S7 13-17 Fuel Injector, (4.0L)

AUDI RS7 14-17 Fuel Injector

AUDI R8 11-15 Fuel Injector, 4.2L

AUDI R8 14-15 Fuel Injector, 5.2L

AUDI S8 13-14 Fuel Injector, (4.0L), engine ID CGTA

AUDI S8 15 Fuel Injector, (4.0L), (engine ID CTFA)

AUDI S8 16 Fuel Injector, (4.0L), engine ID CTFA

AUDI S8 17 (fuel Injector), (4.0L), engine ID CTFA

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