Warranty & Terms of Sale

Return & Exchange Timeframes

  • All items come with a 30 days replacement or money-back guarantee.
  • If the return is requested within 30 days, provided that the item is a returnable item, and we have a replacement item in stock, upon receipt of the item to be replaced, we will exchange the item at no additional cost to the purchaser. If the return is requested within 30 days and we do not have a replacement item, upon receipt of the returned item, a refund will be issued, provided that the item is a returnable item.
  • All returns must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA). All returns or exchanges must be shipped back to Pacific Motors within 10 business days of receipt of RMA. Further details on obtaining an RMA follow these terms. 10% Restock fee will be applied to approved returns.

Shipping Details

  • For items requiring a signature at the time of delivery, please inspect for damage prior to accepting the item. If the item is damaged, this information must be noted on the Carrier’s documentation prior to the documentation being signed. This signature effectively transfers liability for the item. If signed for as received in good condition, a claim cannot be brought against Pacific Motors. Please contact us immediately by phone or by email once damage is noticed. Failure to provide immediate notice voids all remedies available.
  • Shipping charges are not refundable under any circumstances, barring gross negligence on the part of the freight carrier resulting in damage to the item.
  • Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, excepting extraordinary and uncommon situations of undisclosed damage or misrepresentation. Simple failure of a used part to function properly does not constitute an extraordinary circumstance.
  • While Pacific Motors puts each part through a rigorous, multiple-step process to ensure quality, the very nature of used parts contains an inherent risk. Simple failure of a used part to function properly does not constitute an extraordinary circumstance.

Domestic Shipping (USA)

  • We offer free shipping within the contiguous United States for all parcel sized items. Orders under 150 lbs (68 kg) and measuring less than 108 inches (274 cm) in any dimension ship for free. Few exceptions apply.
  • Delivery time for most domestic parcels is within 5 days.

International Shipping (Rest of World)

  • We ship to most destinations around the world. Due to the complex logistics and variable costs, please Contact Us to arrange a custom shipping quote before ordering.

Freight Shipping

  • Oversized and overweight items require freight shipping with an LTL freight carrier. We book with a variety of carriers to ensure the quickest delivery.
  • Freight shipments require a non-residential address for delivery. Delivery of freight orders to a residential address will incur an additional $150.00 fee.
  • Most domestic freights are delivered within 7 days, international freights may take longer due to customs clearance in the destination country.
  • ** If you use a residential address at checkout, we will contact you before shipping which may result in a delay of multiple days. **

Terms of Sale & Details

  • We reserve the right to require any documentation pursuant to verification or authentication of payment information.
  • Refund method will only be in the original form of payment. The only exception may be for in-store cash purchases. If an in-store cash purchase is returned and there is an insufficient amount of cash on hand, a company check will be issued.
  • Warranty covers original cost of item. Labor and Associated Charges are not covered under Warranty. Warranty is specifically limited as provided herein. Warranty applies only to the item purchased and is limited to the purchase price of the item. Seller only warrants that the item purchased is in the condition stated. Improper installation or handling may damage or break the item, any such improper installation/handling voids any warranty. Buyer understands and assumes such risk.
  • Special Order Items (including, but not limited to Structural Cuts and Automotive Glass Removed to Order, etc.) are not returnable, barring gross negligence on the part of the freight carrier resulting in damage to the item.
  • Any consumable or maintenance item(s) such as fluids, filters, spark plugs, gaskets, seals, timing chains, belts, etc. should be replaced before installing any engine. Engines are guaranteed to not have a cracked block, cracked head, or bad crankshaft, unless specifically noted. Parts internal to the Engine are warrantied. Parts external to the cylinder block and the cylinder head(s) are not warrantied. If present, these items are left on the engine for the installer’s convenience only. Overheating of engine voids all warranties. For Transmissions, low fluid level, failure to install a new filter, broken front pump, or improper installation voids all warranties. Failure to have work performed by a Licensed Dealership or ASE Certified Mechanic voids all warranties. Documentation or written Diagnostic Reports may be required prior to issuance of an RMA for any item.
  • Tires are a consumable item. There is no warranty or  guarantee for tires included with wheel rims. The customer should install matching, roadworthy tires on all wheels. No refunds will be offered and no returns accepted based on the condition of tires.
  • Purchaser is solely responsible for determining the suitability of an item or items purchased for any and all purposes intended. The Seller assumes no responsibility that the goods will be fit for any particular purpose for which you may be buying these goods, except as otherwise provided in the contract.
  • Written or verbal representation, made by any person at any time, contrary to the provisions of this warranty and/or contract, shall not be binding. Buyer further agrees that there have been no verbal representations that are not contained in this agreement.
  • Pacific Motors photographs each item immediately prior to the item leaving our premises or being packaged for shipping; all photographs are time-and-date-stamped, filed, and stored for reference. If the returned item is physically damaged, missing components, tampered with, or has been taken apart, the warranty is void. If an item has been opened, altered, remanufactured, or in any way modified, the warranty is voided. If an item is returned missing original components or with modified components, the warranty is voided. Pacific Motors reserves the right to be the determiner of the condition of the item when sold and when returned.
  • While Pacific Motors puts each part through a rigorous, multiple-step process to ensure quality, the very nature of used parts contains an inherent risk; buyer understands that s/he assumes this risk. Seller undertakes no responsibility for the quality of goods except as otherwise provided in this contract.
  • Buyer understands that there are no warranties express or implied except as otherwise expressly stated in this contract.
  • Pick-up Orders that are not collected within 30 days will be refunded according to payment method and subject to a 20% restock fee.  If customer is unable to be contacted or does not contact Pacific Motors for proper refund after 30 days, the order will be cancelled and deemed non refundable.

Contact Information and Return Merchandise Authorization

  • To initiate a Return and obtain an RMA #, please contact Pacific Motors either by phone (313.365.5555) or by email ([email protected]). If the item was originally purchased online, please log-in to the website and initiate the return through the website’s return section.
  • For In-Store Returns, we advise that you call ahead to verify that a replacement item is in stock. Please return the item in person to our physical address (7171 East McNichols, Detroit, MI 48212). We also advise that you provide the copy of your original invoice so as to greatly expedite the return.

Choice of Law, Limitation of Liability, Disclaimer of Warranties and Severability

  • This contract and all warranties are covered by the laws of the State of Michigan. If a dispute arises the parties agree that the dispute shall be addressed in the appropriate court in the City of Detroit, County of Wayne, State of Michigan.
  • The remedies described in this contract and any warranties are exclusive. Damages are expressly limited to the purchase price of the item. Any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages are expressly excluded.
  • To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Pacific Motors disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Buyer expressly agrees he or she has been given a full and fair opportunity to inspect each item prior to purchase.
  • Failure to abide by any of the terms and conditions of this contract and/or warranty precludes any recovery.
  • If Seller must enforce the terms and conditions stated herein and Buyer is in violation of any term or condition or failed to exercise his or her rights under the warranty, Buyer is responsible for Seller’s attorney’s fees.
  • If any of these conditions shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition.