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Here’s What Else Happens When a Cement Truck Falls on a BMW i8…

At 8:40 am, in the course of an altogether innocent morning commute, amidst the wintry, February hell of Southern California, one oblivious Cement Mixer and an unwitting BMW i8 had an unexpected interaction at the Newport Coast Drive off-ramp on California State Route 73. Unbeknownst to the participants, and 2,300 miles away in Detroit, Pacific Motors was carrying on as if nothing on earth of consequence was about to occur. Instead, this proverbial butterfly of an auto wreck flapped its wings, and Pacific Motors would never be quite the same.

BMW i8 + Cement Truck
Photograph from The Orange County Register

The wonderful people over at Jalopnik decided to report on the aforementioned incident and what happens when a cement truck falls on a BMW i8. While Andrew P Collins did a bang-up job of detailing the immediate aftermath of such an incident, largely relying on the Orange County Register’s account of the crash, there was one trailing question at the end left unanswered,

And to anybody building up a BMW in the SoCal area; keep your eyes on the junkyards for a set of i8 seats? (Too soon?)”

Andrew, it wasn’t too soon, then. And it certainly isn’t too soon now. And though we managed to drag the car all the way to Detroit, we can still help out folks in SoCal.

Regretfully, the seats could not be preserved complete and intact… However, being an automotive recycler, we did our best to save all that could be saved.

But, we’d like to provide everyone with a more complete view of what happens when a Cement Truck falls on a BMW i8. So here is what happened next:


Prior to stripping the chassis clean of its flesh like a vulture does carrion, we almost miraculously we skillfully managed to resupply power to the limping beast before we put him out of his misery.


Anyhow, to put a nice, little bow around this whole ordeal and give it the happiest ending possible, we checked the back of the BMW i8’s title and it turned out that this unfortunate guy was an organ donor. This was wonderful news for us, but even better news for each and every i8 in the world (especially for those without health insurance). Upon hearing the glorious news, our dismantling & inventory staff meticulously tested, reviewed, photographed, tagged, categorized, and listed each and every one of the salvageable parts, which are generously available in our Parts Store.

So, to celebrate the gift of life, all of our remaining i8 parts can be had at a 10% discount by using the Coupon Code “Jalopnik”.

And to the rest of you, let this be a lesson – Share what you have when you no longer need it!